Produce Stand [Sept. 2017]

We're OPEN and Ready to Serve You!

This year we planted a good month later than we wanted–which sometimes happens when you farm in a floodplain! 😀

stand-cropped-650Although we began late with our crops, we're SWIMMING in tomatoes, delicious sweet corn, eggplant, melons and more!

As our unusually hot September progresses the vegetables are ripening FAST and FURIOUS and DELICIOUS!

CORVALLIS + PHILOMATH TO-YOUR-DOOR DELIVERY. We're taking orders for locally delivered boxes of freshly picked and packed veggies starting in a couple of weeks, so give us a call today to get setup in our special CSA program! Call or text (541) 714-FARM and we'll be happy to take your order!

PORTLAND WEEKLY DELIVERY. One of our own works up in the Portland-area during the week (Mon – Fri) , so we are restarting our PORTLAND + HILLSBORO + BEAVERTON Drop-off Deliveries. If you live in those areas, e-mail CSA Program Director, Adrienne Fritze.

peppers-375THIS YEAR'S PRODUCE LINE-UP. In our gardens, the following VEGETABLES are nearly ready to pick, pack and deliver, and include the following:

  • Tomatoes (in at least a DOZEN varieties, colors, textures and OMG!-Delicious Flavors!)
  • String Beans
  • Cabbages (3 varieties: Purple, Green and Crinkly Green!)
  • Leeks
  • Onions (Sugar, white and yellow)
  • Kale
  • Squash (acorn, zucchini, crook-neck yellow, spaghetti and “volunteer”)
  • Sweet corn (2 varieties!)
  • Peppers (hot, sweet, and a rainbow of colors!)
  • Potatoes (fingerling varieties, russet)

SO, STOP BY and help us find good homes for our bountiful Late-Summer veggies and fruits.

Our address:
Willamette Westwind Farm, home of
Ranger Dougy’s Produce Stand
4924 Bellfountain Road
Corvallis OR 97333
(541) 714-FARM